APRIL – JULY 2012
    Proteus Gowanus, Brooklyn, New York

    Curated by Krista Dragomer, in collaboration with Proteus Gowanus



    Anthropologist-in-Residence Dr. Eben Kirksey and the Multispecies Salon.

    With collaborators Grayson Earle and Mike Khadavi.

    Indrani Ashe, Scott Billings, Kevin Clement, Elizabeth Cope, Donald Daedalus, Eymund Diegel, Krista Dragomer, Kathy Dragomer, Sarah Edkins, David Eustace, Rashin Fahandej, Peter Fend, Rebecca Heritage, Rita London, Beatrice Marovich, Elisabeth Pellathy, Eric Pettiti, Barbara Rosenthal, Debra Tillinger, Emily Tobey, Barbara Westermann, Bryan Wilson, Sen-I Yu.

    With performances by Donald Daedalus, Eric Pettiti, and Bryan Wilson. Daedalus’s online work for Future Migrations: The Structure

    Video screenings by Christina Corfield

    Kirksey’s Multispecies Salon was featured in Art Review Magazine, and his Utopia for the Golden Frog, with Earle and Khadavi, was featured in Make Magazine.

    photo credits: Rashin Fahandej, Keil Troisi

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