84″x35″x6″ (dimensions variable), photographs, text, mixed-media sculptures.

Krista Dragomer: wearable sculpture and photo background construction

Kathy Dragomer: series of 7 sculptural objects

Rashin Fahandej: photographs

Beatrice Marovich: text

This installation is an appendage of Dragomer and Marovich’s para-academic project “The Open.”  In this collaborative work that brings together 4 artists/writers, the corporeal boundaries of what we now call “human” have merged with non-human animal anatomies and techno-machnic objects, evoking new holy figures, modes of worship, and fanaticisms.  The title of this collection of works is cribbed from Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben’s “The Open: Man and Animal” which takes its title from a line in Rainer Maria Rilke’s eighth “Duino Elegy.”

It fills us. We arrange it. It breaks down.
We rearrange it, then break down ourselves.

–Rainer Maria Rilke


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